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Fez is divided into two entities: the medina and the new city. The spiritual capital of Morocco is known above all for its medina, one of the most beautiful and largest in the world.
The riads are an emblematic lodging formula for a stay in Fez: a historical setting, the calm of a patio to get out of the tumult of the medina, the presence of the guests and the Moroccan cuisine at every meal… a quality riad like the Riad Meyssane gives all its scope to your stay!
The Riad Meyssane can book an official guide ( extra) for the discovery of the medina of Fez, do not hesitate to contact the manager on site

Between méderssa (schools), Bab (ancient doors), mausoleums and museums, you will not stand idly by, because there is much to do:

Fez souks are unique. The souk D’al Attarine is suitable for the purchase of spices and henna,
Le souk ech Chabine delivers blends of authentic scents and perfumes.

The Mosque of El Qaraouiyyîn, the oldest university still in operation in the world recognized by UNESCO, was built in 859 by a woman passionate about Fatima al Fihriya culture.

Visiting one of the three tanneries of Fez, including the Chouara tannery, the largest and oldest (1000 years old), allows to discover an ancestral know-how (a small bouquet of fresh mint will be offered to reduce the unpleasant scents of tanneries).

Built in the twelfth century, the Bab Boujloud Gate was originally part of the Boujloud Kasbah. The door consists of three doors, two smaller symmetrical. The door is covered with blue ceramics, the color of the city of Fez on the outside and green, the color of Islam on the medina side. It was made of cedar wood and carved stucco that will be restored soon.

Dar Batha Museum: this museum was built in the 19th century. It houses various exhibitions of Popular Art (carpets, jewellery…). The museum also sometimes hosts temporary exhibitions.

La médersa Bou Inania: This is the largest and beautifully decorated meseria (schools) of the city of Fez. Built in the 14th century.

The Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts.

The North Borj Weapons Museum.

The mausoleum of Moulay Idriss: mausoleum of the founder of Fez . It has 7 doors that allow access to it but its access is reserved exclusively for Muslims.

Maristane Sidi Frej, one of the first if not the first psychiatric centre in the world where music therapy was used to treat people.

Jnan Sbil Garden: a public garden dating from the 18th century, it is full of original botanical varieties and constitutes a true green lung of the city of Fez, walking there is a real pleasure.

The city of Fez is famous for being the Moroccan gastronomic city par excellence. A stay in Fez is a great opportunity to discover Moroccan gastronomy. The dishes are tasty and very refined. Spices and herbs are subtly used
Most of the exceptional flavours that distinguish the culinary art of Fez come from the combination of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as bitter orange and olive.

The best time to make your trip to Fez and Morocco in general is spring or autumn.
You can then enjoy the beautiful plains, and the mountains. The weather is quite mild during this season.

Respect for local customs and customs is fundamental when you stay in a foreign country, here are some tips:
• If you are sharing a meal with Moroccans, you should avoid eating with your left hand (reserved for the ablutions of the intimate parts).
• Accepting an invitation to drink tea is one of the best ways to sympathize with Moroccans who are very welcoming by nature, the contact is very easy, so don’t be afraid to discuss with them!
• It is strictly forbidden to enter a mosque for non-Muslims.
• Footwear should be removed at the entrance of some homes or parts of the home (in general, a person does not walk on a carpet with their shoes).

Rest assured Moroccans are very tolerant and will not be offended if you do not respect their habits!!

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